Hypo ice leatherback bearded dragon for sale

We have been to many facilities but your set up is amazing and very clean, like a hospital. Your commitment and attention to detail is second to none. Thanks for giving me a whole new insight into dragon care. Pet Quality - The dragons in each clutch with the least amount of color. These are available at a lower cost and show more color than pet store dragons and are males. Breeder Quality - These dragons are average in color for the clutch. Hold Back Quality - These are beautiful dragons.

Collectors Quality - These are gorgeous dragons. Most of our breeders come from this group. Special Reserve - Really extraordinary dragons. In some pairings, the genetic Pedigree is so valuable, all offspring are the same price according to which sex is ordered.

the Top quality Bearded Dragons for sale

As always, we continue to work to produce elegant, jaw dropping color morphs. He is also one of the most beautifully marked paradox we have seen. With outstanding confirmation and noticeably golden eyes, "Merlin" displays a perfect lemon-lime Citrus coloration. He has an amazing powerful block head in addition to gorgeous color. All prices include double walled shipping boxes Styrofoam and cardboard and heat packs for shipping in cold weather. We do not charge a handling fee. Multiple dragons can be shipped together in the same shipping box for a one-dragon rate.

Fed Ex charges per box so, in this way, you can save significantly on shipping costs. We ship Monday - Wednesday. In most areas of the USyou will receive your new dragon by the next morning. For other International shipments: Please email for details. Please note: No refunds are given on payments or deposits for ordered dragons, dragons held for International shipment before the dragon has shipped, payment plans in default or any other reason.

Thank you. We guarantee that our dragons are healthy and eating well from hatching to the day of shipment. When you receive your dragon sif it is not what you wanted, or you are disappointed in any way, contact us within 24 hours.We have some absolutely stunning bearded dragons for sale online from top quality bearded dragon breeder bloodlines! All of our baby bearded dragons for sale online come with our full live arrival and health guarantee! Here at CB Reptile, we have a real biologist on site.

CB strives to provide you the best quality baby bearded dragon for sale in the USA. Because we handle all of our baby bearded dragon for sale early and often! Because we handle them often in order to ensure a tame, pet quality bearded dragon.

Once shipped, your baby bearded dragon will arrive the following morning. It is our goal to provide pet bearded dragons for sale that you can enjoy for years to come. We have a wide variety of bearded dragon color morphs, also known as bearded dragon morphs for sale including citrus bearded dragons for salewiblit bearded dragons, leatherback bearded dragonshypo bearded dragonhypo-trans bearded dragons for sale, yellow, red, and more.

If you are looking for a leatherback bearded dragon for sale, check out these as well as our hypo bearded dragon for sale. If you are considering purchasing a bearded dragon for sale and looking for the best bearded dragon price anywhere, you have found the right bearded dragon breeder. Beardies are well known for being alert, hardy and tame.

Because bearded dragon owners love watching their lizards, whether during a feeding frenzy while chasing crickets or simply interacting with each other. Baby bearded dragons for sale can be flighty at first but quickly can become tame relaxed pets! As a bearded dragon breeder, our goal is to produce the most beautiful specimens that also make the best pets. A real bearded dragon breeder should be trusted much more over a reseller like a Pet store selling bearded dragons for sale.

hypo ice leatherback bearded dragon for sale

Also, experienced baby bearded dragon breeders will be able to provide you the proper bearded dragon care information. Because this is important and will enable you to provide proper baby bearded dragon care, after purchasing a healthy baby bearded dragon for sale. Captive-bred specimens are highly recommended because they are usually healthier. Also, captive bred bearded dragons for sale are much calmer in captivity than wild-caught animals.

hypo ice leatherback bearded dragon for sale

Bearded Hatchlings measure about 4 inches; large adults can be nearly 2 feet in length. While a hatchling dragon could live in a gallon aquarium for a short time, it will quickly need a larger enclosure. A gallon aquarium or equal-sized enclosure is OK for one or two adult dragons. Screening should be used for proper ventilation, whether as a top on an aquarium enclosure or in the construction of a custom enclosure. We use custom enclosures here at CB for all of our bearded dragon breeders.

During warm weather, bearded dragons can be kept in outdoor cages.These are animals that are currently out of stock. Click on the animal you are looking for, enter your email address and be automatically notified the second we get them back in stock!

This product is out of stock. Subscribe to email notifications to be notified when this product is restocked. MUST be with a live reptile order only. These are not for beginners. This is 50 superworms shipped WITH any live reptile order. They are super mellow.

CB Very, very minor tip of tail or one toe nip, otherwise perfect! CB These are visual zero. They are het for hypo not hyposo they are more grey in color and beautiful! Pattern disappears at 3 - 4 months as well. None are adults yet. Bearded Dragons These are animals that are currently out of stock.

Adult Yellow Leatherback Bearded Dragons. Size: 18 - 22" Species: Pogona vitticeps. Baby Hypo Bearded Dragons. Baby Translucent Dunner Bearded Dragons. Size: 4 - 5" Species: Pogona vitticeps. Size: 7 - 9" Species: Pogona vitticeps. Small Witblits Bearded Dragons. Size: 6 - 8" Species: Pogona vitticeps.

CB Absolutely beautiful Beardies! Well started babies, and het for Hypo too. Size: 5 - 6" Species: Pogona vitticeps.Some of our Rankins Dragon are now available on our website! We are accepting deposits and they will be ready to go to their new homes around early to mid August Check out our Rankins Dragon page to see all the Rankins we currently have available. In weeks we will start taking photos and add them to our website and start accepting deposits on them. In this clutch we have Translucents, Hypos, and Leatherbacks.

Their babies may be ready to go to new homes as early as the beginning of August depending on how quickly they grow. We will likely start taking photos of the Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Thanks be to our Lord! God Bless! We are so excited to announce that Jasmine, our Rankins Dragon is gravid!

We are starting our Black Friday Sale early and making it last longer than just one day! From Nov. They all have developed plump little bellies, are great little hunters catching their bugs with no problems, and are FULL of energy! Not to mention they We are super excited to announce that our first Rankins clutch have hatched! What is a Rankins Dragon?

Simply put they are like a miniature Bearded Dragon, Rankins grow up to maximum 12" long unlike Bearded Dragons which can grow up to 24". Look out for some beautiful Gizmo - Female Bearded Dragon. Ember - Female dunner hypo Leatherback Bearded Dragon. Rankins Dragons now Available! July 7, Read More. June 11, Rankins Dragon Hatchlings! May 21, Dunners on the way! April 25, I agree Our site saves small pieces of text information cookies on your device in order to deliver better content and for statistical purposes.

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Leatherback Bearded Dragons for Sale in the United States Scientific name: Pogona We have thousands of exotic reptiles for sale from top breeders from around the world. Try browsing the Bearded Dragons Index if you're looking for something specific.

For more information, check out How It Works. Filters List view. Leatherback Baby Bearded Dragon. Orange Leatherback Bearded Dragon.

hypo ice leatherback bearded dragon for sale

Leatherback Dunner Bearded Dragon. Phantom Dragons. MN dragons. Red Leatherback Bearded Dragon. Metal Scales. Blazin Dragons.

E-mail address Please provide additional details so we can answer your question quickly. Cancel Send.Thank you so much! They look even better than in the photos.

Love the work you do, still obsessing over your collection! We are grateful to the staff at Reptiles for this prestigious honor. Landline: A new clutch of super citrus from pairing "Butterfly" x "Puck"!!! P ics of parents below Payment plans available on pre-orders over Your price: To Order: Textemail terri fireandicedragons. Shipping: Please inquire. Please read the Care Sheet section to set up your new dragon like he or she is here. This minimized stress and makes for a quicker adjustment.

Happy dragons are bright dragons! We breed for adult not baby color. We have 3 bloodlines of Citrus dragons so we can cross them without inbreeding. They all look different as babies with one being almost all orange. The final adult coloration depends on the genotype of the dragon or in other words, the parents and grandparents.

Super Citrus Leatherback Male. Parents: Abby x Mojo. Parents: Unnamed male and female. Orange Red Double Het Male. Super Citrus x Fire Red. Parents: Vixen x Trooper. Hypo Orange Het Translucent Male.

Baby Bearded Dragons For Sale

Super Citrus Clutch from "Butterfly x Puck". Super Citrus Clutch from "Abby x Mojo". Fire Red Clutch from. What is a Super Citrus Bearded Dragon? Super Citrus was the name created by Fire and Ice Dragons to distinguish our line of purebred hypomelanistic dragons from other mixed morphs that display a yellow color.

The Fire and Ice line breeds true and so is a true morph. Despite any misinformation on the Internet, Super C itrus most assuredly CAN have brilliant orange somewhere on its body as an adult and two of our 3 genetic lines display orange color as babies.

Adult color depends to a large extent on the price the customer pays or what we call "color quality. But it is still a Pug. I hope this is helpful Parents: Unnamed male and female Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.

We can ship straight to your shipping address or your local UPS Customer Center for you to pick up in the morning. You can select which day you would like your animals shipped on the checkout page.

We ship Mondays thru Fridays. All orders containing live animals require an adult signature so please ensure that someone is at your shipping location to sign for your order. Overnight Shipping is only available for shipping within the United States for non-venomous reptiles. If you need us to ship to another country please contact us directly at info undergroundreptiles. Clown Tree Frog. Graceful Chameleon.

Italian Alpine Newt. Red Headed Agama. Metallic Pinktoe Tarantula. Baby Mt. Koghis Leachianus Gecko. Baby Jaguar Caramel Carpet Python. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Notify me when this item is back in stock. Email Address. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Related products. Read more. Select options. We will never spam you!


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